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    VirusScan Enterprise 8.7i+ and folder redirection


      I'm testing VSE 8.7i with the latest patch on some Windows XP systems that have GPO folder redirection for the desktop, app data, and my documents.  A few times a minute I'm seeing the desktop icons disappear then come back after a few seconds.


      In 8.0 I had to implement a registry change along with a hotfixe to disable the firewall services and port blocking completly.  Is anyone aware of changes that I need to make that aren't in the GUI to make VSE 8.7i function well with folder redirection of app data and the desktop?


      Registry change in 8.0 I made to disable the problematic service:






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          The change you made for 8.0i disables the TDI filter driver. It's relevant in that the folder redirection means network traffic is involved, but that's it.


          For 8.5i and later, the TDI filter driver changed names. Now it is MFETDIK.sys. It cannot be disabled via the registry though. To disable it you must rename the file.



          If that works, you may want to look at updating your network-related drivers, especially if it's Vista or later. Microsoft's TDX driver, which provides a backward-compatible shim to our TDI driver, is known to have issues. And there are updates for it.