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    how to disable mcafee agent 4.5 status monitor


      I need your help..


      I’m running McAfee ePo v4.0 on windows 2003 and i have deployed McAfee antivirus v8.7i with McAfee agent v4.0. All platforms in our company are windows XP SP3. Everything was running fine without any problem until we upgraded McAfee agent v4 to v4.5.


      in the beginning there was an error appear to all widows XP users (Mtray.exe error) then I have install a hotfix (VSE870HF517265) from McAfee to fix the error and the problem now has been fixed, however, the McAfee agent & antivirus disappear because it is in our policy to hide McAfee agent for all windows clients and only keep the antivirus icon.


      Now I have enable in ePo to show McAfee agent for windows client but it show a new icon for McAfee that join the two software together McAfee Antivirus & McAfee Agent and users now can see the Status Monitor for the McAfee Agent which I would like to disable.


      Can you help me disable it or I have to go back to agent v4.

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