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    Security settings mysteriously being turned off - why?

      Hi, some of my McAfee security settings are mysteriously being turned off.  It's now happened twice - both times when the PC has been left unattended and unused.  A McAfee message pops up saying the PC is not fully protected and when I follow the link it shows a number of items in the 'Computer and Files' and 'Emails and IM' sections have been disabled.  Clicking on 'fix' sorts the problem, but only temporarily and as it's now happened twice I'm worried something is going on behind the scenes.  I'm using McAfee Security Centre build: 9.15.160, Virus Scan build: 13.15.113 and Personal Firewall build: 10.15.106.  I can't find any reason for this - would appreciate any help anyone can offer, thanks.