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    Problem with installation of Mcafee & Customer Service


      I recently purchased a laptop, that had Mcafees' trial verson. When it expired I went online and purchased more protection(which I will never do again), by using the chat window. Anyway now I cannot install it, because it says I have previous security difficult to remove. So I call up the 800 number, and they give me another number. I call the other number, and they tell me to call back the first number, because I have purchased an advanced product. I call the other number again, and again they tell me to call the first number. Further more I do not want to sound mean, but some of these customer reps are very hard to understand when you speak to them, although they try to be helpful, I constantly have to say "excuse me what did you say"? or I have to repeat what I say. Anyway I just want to get my problem solved, because my computer is without protection. I got 3 emails when I purchased the protection, I have the grant number, they have the record of my purchase. I wonder if there is anyone out there willing to help a customer at the end of her wits with this back and forth calling.  Please help I will truly appreciate it.


                                                                                                      Thank You Very Much



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