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    Agent upgrade to Agent 4.5.1270


      Hello, I need to upgrade approxiamately 10,000 nodes running agent to my new ePO 4.5 server by upgrading the agent to 4.5.1270. I want to use an SMS package to do this but not sure if it's possible, i.e. > KB59954 

      1. I was planning on running "Create and Download agent installation package" (deselecting Use Credentials) to create framepkg.exe

      2. When deploying the Framepkg.exe in SMS I was going to use the switch  /agent=updater /s

      I'm I missing anything? do I need to do anything on the ePO server backend to use /agent=update? Should I also include /install=agent and or /forceinstall?. 

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          Hi there...


          Firstly, you don't need to create a package - if you want an agent installation package without embedded credentials, then ePO already makes one for you

          The default framepkg.exe in the master repository (..\DB\Software\current\epoagent3000\install\0409\framepkg.exe) will do what you want.


          You also won't need any switches except /s.  (Framepkg.exe effectively has the /install=agent switch built-in.)


          Finally, please *don't* use the /forceinstall switch unless required - it's not intended for general use, but only for situations where the normal install fails.


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