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    Viruscan plus 2010 activation


      I bought the last edition of Mcafee Viruscan plus.

      I formatted my pc and i installed Windows 7 32 bit

      I installed Viruscan plus with online installation as the CD recomended.

      After i made a new account with the product key.

      Since now it's all ok.

      After the installation i activated the subscription (i think so).

      After 2 days a red message appeard on my desktop telling me that i must activate my account in 10 days.

      When i push Activate the screen of activation start, stay for 3 seconds and then disappear.

      When i check the home page of security center a blu link tells me i must activate account, always the same story.

      I check my subscription in mcafee.com and it result regular, active and update are current.

      What can i do????

      Thanks and sorry for my bad english (i am italian)

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          Hi Simone,


          Please follow the prompts to complete registration,


          Right click on the M icon near system tray

          Select product setup and continue with the prompts to complete registration

          Note : If you already have a mcafee account with the email address select login and continue the prompts.

          Do report back if you have any issues








          Dinesh K



          on 1/12/10 1:23:50 PM GMT-06:00
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            I don't have any product setup voice.

            i have following voices:


            Open Security Center



            Rapid link

            Change Settings

            Verify Subscription (alredy done, i have the message: "you subscription has been verified)

            Update center

            Customer care


            I have made a new registration with this product when i installed it, but i still have the "activate your account" voice in the security center home page.

            The problem is the same of my first post, the activation application starts and after 2 seconds disappear, and doesn't complete the activation

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              Could you please tell me , did we have any other mcafee product registered with this email address yoir trying to register now?

              Also Please login to http://us.mcafee.com/root/login.asp and tel me whether you could see your complete subscription for the mcafee virus scan plus 2010 registered ?









              Dinesh K

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                I have only this product registered with this email.

                When i log in i see my subscription:


                Subscription :1

                i can protect 1 pc (i have this product installed on 1 pc)

                my activation key

                the expiration date (correct)

                History and download


                i i push subscription:1 i have this page

                Subscription Details

                Subscription Status:Active

                the expiration date (same as before correce)

                Total Licenses: 1 (1 in use; 0 available)


                My computers

                my computer name (correct)

                License status: Active

                Software Update: Current


                I post 2 screens


                in the first screen you can see the home page of my security center.

                The blu write at bottom is the italian phrase for ACTIVATE YOU SUBSCRIPTION

                when i push appear the screen2

                the Activation window

                that windows after 2 seconds disappear

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                  That's good, we are proceeding further ,

                  Run the removal tool from http://download.mcafee.com/products/licensed/cust_support_patches/MCPR.exe  and restart the computer.

                  Check whether the system clock is corect, if not set it right.

                  Reinstall  your products from your account.


                  buona fortuna








                  Dinesh K