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    ePO 4.5 Support


      We have recently bought McAfee Total Protection for Compliance, Data and Endpoint along with McAfee Remediation Manager. Installing and Integrating these products are very difficult (not McAfee’s fault :-). I want to ask one question before I start this project.

      Are there any products in the above suites which will not support ePO 4.5 and McAfee is not planning any updated version? Will this create any conflict with ePO agent 4.5 running on the same system?

      A suggestion from me to McAfee is to develop a new interface for customer download area. At least a basic search feature would be a good start. McAfee products are my favorite eversince I was a support engineer; Now that I'm a customer, I hope McAfee will give the customer portal the same (UI) treatment it has given to this forumn.


      Thank you