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    How do I get live CS and help with Personal firewall refusing to verify my subscription?

      I have just spent 30 minutes trying to post the following to Tech Support Chat but it tells me that I must first download the Chat Client and then takes me back to the service.mcafee.com home page and I can't find the chat client. I have no way to get any tech support for this and am getting very frustrated! What do I do, other than uninstall McAfee and go to a competitor?

      Service Request number is:  437561607

      On Friday I had to switch from DSL to Comcast because there is no DSL service at my new location. Now, McAfee keeps telling me that my subscription must be verified, but when I click Verify Now, I get  the following: "There is a problem verifying your subscription at this time. Make sure you've registered your software—by selecting Product Setup from the M icon in the system tray—and then try again. If you've already registered, try verifying your subscription later."  I have run McAfee Virtual Technician and read and applied relevant info I found in the FAQs, but nothing has helped. I have tried to get tech support through your live chat, but am told to first download the Chat Client first, which I can't find because the link takes me back to service.mafee,.com home page. If anyone gets this message please help.

      Thank you.