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    Virus Scan 8.7i Issue after installing Patch 2



      I have an interesting problem.  I have EPO Agent 4.5, HIPS 7.0, Site Advisor Plus 3.0 and Virus Scan 8.7i installed on my PC.  They were all working correctly.  I am the administrator for EPO on our network and I often use myself\PC as a test before rolling out other updates and so on.  I recently installed SP2 for Virus Scan (updated the Extensions in the console as well) and now it seems there is an issue.   When I click my Agent icon in the system try and look at "Managed Features" Virus Scan is no longer listed there and there is an exlimation beside the "View Security Status".  So I click that and it says "Issue Detected" and it has Virus Scan listed.  It says "See Access Protection log".  So when I open VSE Console and view the Access Protection log it is blank.  I dont even know where to start troubleshooting this issue.  Any ideas?


      Thanks a million