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    ePO upgrade from 3.6.1 to 4.5


      I preparation for the ePO 3.6.1 to 4.5 upgrade, I'm trying to optimize the ePO SQL database by running the 'Event Repair'. The Event Repair task have been failing. Contacted McAfee Support and advised the ePO 3.6.1 is no longer supported. However, they provided KB58277 for executing a manual repair using SQL.

      Databse size have been reduced from 13GB to 10GB through removal of events older that 13 months and executing SQL scripts to manually remove unmatched events. Unmatched events are now reduced from 853667 to 246119. Still getting the usual error message "Database event repair FAILED. The database repair operation failed die to a datbase error. Error datails: Time expired.

      Last successful repair ran in September of 2009. Any advice will be appreciated!

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          Hi, when you do the upgrade, it actually creates a new database and migrates all the system information over.  Event information is migrated over if you want to as a post upgrade task.  Is it important to you to migrate the event information over.  If not, then you may be able to miss this step and save some space on your SQL server.


          A new database called epo4_<ServerName> will be created.


          Make sure you read the EPO 45 manual about the upgrade, there are some good points to be aware of around supported products.


          One step I have seen some customers do, is build a new EPO 3.6.1 server, and attach a copy of the production database to it.  Once you have confirmed its connected OK, then run the EPO 45 upgrade on that server.  This will give you a good Idea on whats happening during the upgrade.  How well the data migrates, and what your system tree will look like once the upgrade has taken place.

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            The timeout problem here is most likely caused by the productevents table being too large rather than a particular problem with the events tables.  However, it may not be as serious a problem as you think :-)


            The upgrade to 4.5.1 doesn't update the existing db - instead it creates a new db and migrates the data over to it. The event data is not migrated by default - instead, you run a one-shot migration task after the upgrade is complete. This migration task should only migrate valid events - so you shouldn't really have to worry too much about straightening out the events if you're intending to upgrade.


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              Good info guys! I'm planning on testing 2 upgrade scenarios in my development environment. In place upgrade 'as is' from ePO 3.6.1 to 4.5 Patch 1 and upgrade new install of ePO 3.6.1 to 4.5. Wanted to be very cautious with this since my environment have 350 Windows Servers and 3000 workstations.

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                Successfully completed an in place upgrade of ePO 3.6.1 to 4.5.0 P1. Not using any events from the old database, so no events migrated.