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    Backup config from SG560 and restore on SG580?

      Just out of curiosity, has anyone tried this?  I've got an SG560 in a datacenter and am going to replace it with an SG580 I have.  Both are running 3.2.2 and ideally I would like to backup the config on the SG560, restore it to the Sg580 and then upgrade the SG580 to 4.0.5.


      Manually recreating the config won't be the worst thing ever, but it will be a pain to recreate the NAT table.

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          It will probably work - but we don't design and test for this at the moment. As the 580 has a superset of functionality relative to the 560, all the bits the 560 has configured should (in theory) work fine. There will be some files missing that normally are in the 580 /etc/config by default. Not sure what it will do about that - we do try to be pretty clever in recovering from weird situations. Probably nothing until you want to enable those features. eg. 560 does not have IDS/IPS - until you try to turn that on


          Exactly how the 4.0.5 upgrade will react to this situation of partial 580 config - err - yeah - probably depends rather a lot on what you have configured.


          Won't take you long to figure out and using the 'erase' button if it doesn't work makes it fairly risk-free and quick to recover. I know - not very scientific - sorry.


          Really, as per new features discussion, we are missing a 'configuration export/import' feature that works more at a policy type of level. Sort of like UCC does. Backup/Restore are just not sophisticated enough for that sort of thing - they just bulk-copy files around the place.




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            That's what I figured, that it *should* work for the most part, but some parts might not.


            I think I'll just take the time to manually recreate everything on the SG580.  This is too important of an appliance in too important of a role to not have it working 100%.