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    Got Rid of the RED Circle with the WHITE X ....but....

      I have been 2 days trying to debug my wifes laptop  (Dell).  It had the FAKEALERT virus...i.e. the red circle with the white x and pop ups of securtity warnings.every 10-15 seconds and it progressed to "Explorer has encounterd a....and must close"  if I did not touch it I could continue to work with Explorer online. Today I downloaded MicroSoft Security Essentials...from a discussion here. While it was working...and it took out 4 trojans off the bat...McAfee downloaded an new version....which caught FAKEALERT right off the bat. IT REMOVED THE RED Circle and White X! I ran both scans through again...full scans with system restore turned off. They picked up 4 more items and quarenteened. NOW the only problem...I turned off the computer to do a restart and when I turned it back on it logged onto my wifes desktop but then logged immediatly off. ???? Tried it three times. It's off now and I will start in safe mode. I am hoping that it is just a control panel reset problem. Good news is the Dang RED Circle is gone. PZ

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          OK so I need a question in here....could anyone tell me what I could be looking for to re-establish the log in so Windows does not immediatly shut down???


          EDIT: Tried the safe mode start...no luck my laptop is dead. Safe Mode/Safe Mode - Debbuging/Safe Mode - Last Know Good Settings. Nothing worked. From "applying user settings" it goes direct to "shutting down" "Saving Settings".  All I can figure is that the virus set off a kill as the scan detected and removed it. I pray I am wrong....McAfee TECH any help here is appreciated. PZ



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