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    Switching to Norton

      I have spent my whole day (5:00 a.m. to 4:15 p.m.) trying to recover some files I archived from an old XP machine (and which I DESPERATELY NEED) just before Hurricane Ike. That machine crashed a couple months ago (seriously crashed, there was no saving it), so I bought a new computer which runs Vista. Seems McAfee won't let you archive from one OS and restore to another!! So I spend a few hours dinking around with the old machine, installing a new hard drive, installing XP, and downloading McAfee so that I could recover these files . . . . only to find that I STILL CAN'T RECOVER THE FILES!! Error message says the destination media is missing; looks like it can only restore back to where it archived from. I thought the point of backing up was so that you could restore in the event of a crash!!! Seems pretty silly to me to assume the crashed computer will still be available to restore to. If anyone out there knows a work-around for this, or what I'm doing wrong, I'd love to hear from them. Meanwhile, my new Vista machine is sticking with Norton. I contacted their tech support to verify that Norton doesn't have any of these compatibility issues (and I hope the guy was being straight with me). Am thinking the smartest thing to do is to buy an external drive for backup purposes . . . .

      Meanwhile, I really am desperate for access to my archived files. Anyone have any ideas???



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          Oh yeah, and am also very frustrated with the tech support system (for whomever -- most computer and computer software companies). I WOULD DEARLY LOVE to be able to just pick up the phone and talk to someone who a) speaks English clearly and fluently, b) doesn't seem to be required to follow a script, and c) can actually answer my questions without sounding like they're spitting out pat company answers. Oh, and d) doesn't treat me like an ignoramous who can't navigate my way to the Start button. Am very tired of time-consuming scripted online chat sessions that are prone to communication problems. If technical support phone numbers are mentioned anywhere on company/tech support web pages, they are deeply buried.

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            Moved to Data Backup as I think that is what you are talking about.


            I'll quote from the thread that is stickied at the top of this section.




            If your previous backups were performed with the default McAfee Backup and Restore encryption and compression settings disabled, these files are directly accessible to you on any Windows computer, including Windows 7. You can download this standalone utility from the below link and install in an XP or Vista machine and restore the files then later you can transfer them to the new PC or system.


            This standalone utility functions the same way as the version of the product included with McAfee Internet Security and McAfee Total Protection.

            Following installation, launch the McAfee Backup and Restore utility on the Windows XP or Vista machine and do the following:

               1. On the Missing Files tab at the bottom of the screen, click Browse, then navigate to the location where the archive is stored.

                  NOTE: Archived folder names have the following format:


                      * ddmmyy is the date on which the files were archived
                      * hh-mm-ss is the time on which the files were archived
                      * *** is either Full or Inc, depending on whether a full or quick archive was performed
               2. Select the most recent dated folder with an F in the folder file name, and then click OK. Files contained in the selected location appear in the Missing Files list, ready to be restored.
               3. If you want all files to be restored, click Restore All. Otherwise, select the individual files you want restored.

            Sorry you had a hard time with Technical Support but it is either India or the Philippines that you reach when you use the Chat line.   They've helped many people and a second attempt may be successful.


            Norton have a very similar system.


            If this isn't any help I'll try to get a technician into the thread on Monday.  That link references Windows 7 but it applies to any Windows system.



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              Thanks for the info! Will definitely give this a try. I apologize for venting, too . . . . I've calmed down & regret I didn't post a little more politely. I had a very frustrating day!


              Thanks again.

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                Don't be sorry, we all have those moments.

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                  Ex_Brit --


                  Unfortunately, after installing the standalone Backup & Restore, I still get the same error message: "The destination media is missing. Verify the media, and then start restoring again." I would really appreciate hearing from a technician.


                  Thanks again for trying to help.



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                    I'll flag this thread.

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                      Hey Bootscooter,


                         I've spoken with my Tier 3, and I'm wondering... do you remember how many drives/partitions you had on the XP machine? This may be a case of Backup and restore looking to restore to the same partition. If that's the case, once we know the previous setup, we can use a DOS Subst command to virtualize that partition and try the restore again. Obviously, from what you've told us, we have no access to the old machine... but hopefully you remember those details?


                      There's a logfile that might help us out here, but it's only generated if there's an error (so I can't find the name of it). It will tell us exactly where the software is looking to restore so we can virtualize that. Give me a little more time to find that logfile and get back to you. I apologize for the delay, but I'm on it!!


                      [EDITED] The filename for the log is exceptions.txt. Can you post the logfile to us in a reply??



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                        Got this snippet if you are still having issues:


                        Here are the requirement need to restore files.


                        -          Use the same or newer version of MBACK

                        -          Use the same user account to install the application

                        -          Install .net 1.1

                        -          Run MBACK and configure for new backups

                        -          Ensure that the file structure is similar to the old system

                        -          Attach all network shares and or USB drives.

                        -          Change archive destination to archive folders.

                        o   Using FAQ TS100586 locate a full archive folder

                        o   Using FAQ TS100633 for steps on how to restore the file