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    Can anyone tell me if I need Java?

      I have been refusing updates from Java for months and I have not noticed any problems or deficiencies. Do I really need Java?

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          Many web pages use Java in order to display content so you'd be lost without it but please, keep it up to date for security reasons.  The same goes for Adobe flash.

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            I think whether you need it or not is really up to you. But, based on my recent experience, I'm not sure if keeping it updated works.


            I recently completely uninstalled Java because even though I updated it whenever an update was available, all of a sudden McAfee kept blocking Trojans. When I googled the trojans, they were all related to Java. (exploits) Unfortunately, with my recent renewal of McAfee, all my logs are gone (or maybe I haven't searched deep enough to see if they still exist!) Anyway, I uninstalled it and figured if I ran into a site that wouldn't work w/o it, I would decide then if I really needed to be on that site. I play Yahoo! games and really thought I needed Java for that. It's been almost 2 weeks since the uninstall and I haven't had any problems.

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              Are you sure it was blocking a trojan or asking you if something might be trojan and whether to proceed or not?   Often SecurityCenter will ask permission to continue with certain downloads.  You have to use your discretion on whether or not to continue.

              Nothing Adobe or Java/Sun issues would give you an infection but failing to update them could leave you open to infection and that goes for anything on your computer.

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                Yep, McAfee caught & quarantined several with the real-time scan. McAfee is set to alert & log and when the screen popped up red, I knew it had something. I keep everything updated (automatic & manual) b/c I have OCD paranoid issues LOL. When I renewed McAfee a few days ago, all my scan/detection logs were gone, but I remember them being logged as "exploit" "Java" and something to do with the Java cache. When I googled them, all I kept coming up with was trojans related to Java. So, with the most recent Java installed and with as many updates/patches/fixes Java offered, something was still trying to get me ;o). So I figured if I didn't need Java, I won't have it.

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                  You can get the names of those quarantined items from SecurityCenter.  They could possibly be false detections and you can send them to McAfee directly form the SecurityCenter in some case where they will be analysed again.


                  Double-click the taskbar icon to open SecurityCenter

                  Click Advanced Menu (bottom)

                  Click Restore (left)

                  Click Files ((top left)

                  They should be displayed at the right with various options at the bottom right.


                  Post the names if possible.

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                    Peter, that was the first place I checked, but they are gone. Wiped clean as if I never had McAfee installed. No info in the logs prior to my reinstalling/renewing.


                    I kept getting "your subscription has expired" & "not protected" alerts from McAfee, which wasn't the case b/c I have McAfee via AT&T. And clicking "fix it"...well...it didn't! I followed the link "I am still an active AT&T customer" provided by McAfee to AT&T, thinking it would be a simple one-click renewal. Ha! I had to install it all over again. More of a silly AT&T issue I think. Anyway, went to see if all my logs were still there after re-installing, but they were gone.


                    Lesson learned.

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                      Strange.   I'm wondering if perhaps Technical Support Chat would be more help than I.  See the McAfee Support link at the top left.