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    Problems installing updates


      Hi. My McAfee will always download updates automatically for me whenever I go online. Afterwards a small window will pop up that says the update has been installed. Well now whenever an update is downloaded it wont install anymore. After the download hits 100%, that small window wont pop up telling me the update has been installed. I then click on update to search for an update. It downloads it but wont install. This happens over and over again.


      What is the problem?



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          I suggest you stop panicking as obviously there is something wrong with the 5855 DAT release, so just as well we all aren't getting it.   It's happened many times before and this wont be the last time.


          I'll see if I can get an answer internally but it's a weekend so I doubt it.



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            Same here on two computers so I just figured it is as Peter says and something is wrong with DAT update # 5855. The circle at the bottom runs a short time and then just dropped off with no warning sign that it had updated. After trying it manually on another computer I had figured it was a bad update as they do happen once in a while. Tomorrow of even possibly later today when they put in the next update it will most likely work and you will just skip # 5855. If then not, I will panic and post to Peter.





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              5856 just came in automatically here.



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                  I got another of the update circles and it ran long enough to download an update but then just dropped off again with no notification. So I still have # 5854. It did the same when I tried to manually update so I am surprised that you got 5856 so quickly. However I am just going to wait as I have two different computers doing the same thing.



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                  Well only the one of my 4 OS's updated thus far.  The one I'm in now uses the Australian servers and it can't update beyond 5854.   I know it will eventually so am not worried.  I just booted into it to see what was happening.

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                    It seems to be working Ok now. In fact three updates have been installed these past few days. Since in all the years I've had McAfee I've never seen this happen, I thought there might have been something wrong with my particular program or computer.



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