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    Virus scan not working

      After the scan starts, a message is promped: error getting scan progress. Then windows error message shows up, Mcafee virus scan is not working correctly and mcafee is shutting down. This happens when I start manualy a scan or also a scheduled scan. Contacted mcafee help chat twice, they couldn't find the problem. Please can anybody help me for this problem.

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          Please provide the following information to assist you better;


          What is the operating system?

          How old is the computer ?

          What is the version of virus scan & DAT ?

          What is the version & cipher strength of your internet explorer?



          moving thread to virus scan 13-2009







          Dinesh K

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            Operating system: Vista

            I've had the computer for  around 13 months now

            McAfee security center version 13.15

            DAT: 5854.0000

            Internet explorer 7

            Cipher strength 256 bits

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              Hi ,

              Thanks for the requested information, please follow the below steps:


              Check and delete if you have any other antivirus software in programs & features or C:/program files and common files.

              Open Internet explorer , click tools - internet options , from advanced tab; click reset and press OK

              Close all programs and restart the computer.

              open security center and click on scan.


              if you get the error again - Restart the computer and start tapping the F8 key , from the advanced boot option menu select safe mode and try to perfrom scan in safe mode

              Kindly report back on the status.








              Dinesh K

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                the first checks of other antivirus, reseting internet options was done with  mcafee help the other day, I just did the scan in safe mode and the problem is still there. Scan stops working correctly around 40%.


                This started around a month ago when the program was renewed with my 2 year subscription.

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                  Is the scan stopping at any particular location everytime,?

                  if so navigate to that location, right click on that file and click scan and check whether you receive the error










                  Dinesh K

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                    this was done and the file that the scan stops everytime does not show any problems when its scanned alone.

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                      Earlier I deleted the file that was causing problem, runned the scan again, file does not exist anymore on my computer et scan still stops at that file. The thing is, like I said, file does not exist on my computer anymore.

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                        Hi Treau,

                        Contact technical support chat through http://service.mcafee.com/LocaleSelect.aspx?lc=1033&sg=TS&pt=1&st=CHAT , they would be able to find out the exact cause and resolve this issue.











                        Dinesh K

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                          Like I said on another thread, talked too technical support twice, they couldn't find the problem, I don't think they will if I try for a third time.

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