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    Mirror Task vs. SuperAgent Distributed Repository


      I've read the manual and help on mirror tasks and am trying to wrap my head around this concept...  Could someone please explain to me the difference between a SuperAgent Distributed Repository (SA/DR) and a VSE Mirror Task?  With SA/DRs, MA clients obtain a list of repositories from the ePO server by policy.  How do MAs know how to find the computer with the mirror task?  Or are mirror tasks only to be setup on SA/DRs for the purpose of pulling from a repository, rather than receiving a push (replication) from the ePO?...  Are mirrored clients replacements for the SA/DR or do they work in conjunction with the SA/DR? 



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          An ePO SA repository is a repository controlled by ePO so ePO pushes the repository replication to these repositories while a VSE mirror task is completely outside of the control of ePO and VSE pulls the contents of the repository from whatever source repository you define (typically the McAfee public update site).


          You can tell a machine managed by ePO to update from a VSE mirrored repository by following these steps:

          1. Logon to the ePO console
          2. Edit the agent policy assigned to the machine you wish to point to a VSE mirrored repository
          3. Click on the Repositories tab
          4. Click Add
          5. Name the repository and fill in the information on how to connect/authenticate to it
          6. Click OK
          7. Set the proper order for the repository if you are using the Use order in repository list option.


          Mirror tasks are strictly a replacement for ePO distributed repositories and are not designed to work with them in any way. If you are using ePO you should use ePO distributed repositories. The only reason I can think of to use a mirrored repository on a machine managed by ePO rather than a distributed repository would be if you do not have the proper bandwidth to replicate to a distributed repository from ePO so you want to have VSE pull from the McAfee public repository using that sites local internet connection.

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            Excellent!  Thank you for the explanation!