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    "VirusScan Enterprise 8.7 in Windows Server 2008" ISSUE??

      hey guys,


      Just want to ask if someone has encountered this issue as well. We installed VSE 8.7 w/ Patch 2 on a Windows Server 2008 and apparently, we cannot DISABLE any features such as Access Protection, ON ACcess scanner, etc. (For troubleshooting purposes)


      we executed VSE via "RUN AS" Administrator and even logged in as Administrator then execute VSE and still we cannot DISABLE any features. Also, the "UNLOCK USER INTERFACE" is also locked-out just like the DISABLE option.

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          I would suggest logging a case with McAfee technical Support (see below).


          To speed up your case, please reference: Internal article KB58769,  problem 3. solution 1 which also applies to VSE 8.7i.


          While this article does not strictly deal with this issue the solution in it may well get around your issue.


          I regret this article cannot be shared online but this is to prevent misuse of the information in it.