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    Install ePO4.5 on server with Act db

      Hi folks,


      Just after a spot of guidance. I can't seem to install ePO4.5 on a server which already has an existing sql2005 db in place for Act. The server is win2008 x32. The installer works fine, and needs no new components to be installed during the setup process, but presumably because there is an existing db on the server, the installer doesn't offer to create a new db for ePO and just presents me with a list of existing databases it's found on the network, the only one local to the server I'm installing on being the Act db. I'm not at all familiar with sql management, but I'm assuming that I'll need to manually create a db for this - any pointers as to how I go about doing so (assuming that this is the correct assumption anyway)? Or if not, any suggestions as to what I'm doing wrong?

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          Firstly - forgive me for this but I'm just trying to prevent any confusion - but I think what you're referring to in your post as a 'db' is in fact an instance of SQL server. When the ePO installer runs it is seeing that there is already an SQL server on the machine, so it does not prompt you to install another one. When it gets to the point in the install where it presents you with the list, this is actually a list of SQL servers that is can see - it's  asking you which one of these you want it to use: it will then create the ePO database on this server.


          So the question is - do you want to create the ePO database on the SQL instance being used by Act? I'm not familiar with Act so I can't say if the way the Act SQL instance is configured will cause ePO any problems (as things like case-sensitivity can have an effect.) If you do, then simply select the Act instance from the list, and ePO will create the db on this instance.


          If you want the ePO db to be on its own separate instance, you'll need to manually install an instance of SQL first, and then choose this instance during the install of ePO. The instructions in KB 52109  should help here.


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            Horribly late reply (lost track of the entry and lots of time...), but many thanks - that was the simple solution.