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    SSO problem in XP



      I am having problem with the Windows logon synchronization with the EEPC preboot on XP. In the EE Manager, I have enabled all the "Windows Logon" options except the "require re-logon.."

      The EEPC on the client machine could not store the Windows logon as the EEPC preboot password still accepts the default password  "12345". The version is 5190 build 5701.


      I also tried to do $autoboot$, then rebooted the client machine twice, but it still not allow the windows password in the preboot. It only allows the default "12345"


      Please help me with this. Thanks

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          Did you try to change EE password, using pre-boot password change option, from "12345" to current Windows password?

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            Is it necessarry to manually change the eepc password to match the windows password? correct me if i'm wrong but as per my understanding, EEPC stores the windows login details and synchronizes it with the EEPC credentials... correct me if i'm wrong

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              try changing the Windows password, you should see it sync that to EEPC.


              you might want to update to a current version though, you are a few versions behind if you're still using 5.1.x

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                Try unchecking the first option if you want to capture the windows login for the EEPC password. We have all but this one and the "require re-logon" (third option) checked.


                Require logon to Endpoint Encryption
                Endpoint Encryption takes control of the normal Windows logon screen, and screen saver logon. Users are prompted for their Endpoint Encryption for PC credentials.


                Looks like this causes the computer to use EEPC for authentication.



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                  Does the password template (right-click a User Group - click Properties - Template) match your Windows password restrictions, i.e. Can't be user name, Windows content rules, etc?  We ran into this problem early on.  It ended up being that Endpoint Encryption would not change the password to match Windows if these restrictions were different.


                  This is our Template:

                  Password length: min 8 max 40

                  Enforce password content: all zeros

                  Password content restrictions: "Can't be user name" & "Windows content rules" checked