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    Is it easy to do a ePO 4.5 Database upgrade?

      Hello everyone,


      I am new to ePO, so please go easy on me


      I have an ePO 4.5 installation for around 450 systems and everything is working great and as expected until last week. As it turns out, SQL 2005 Express has a DB size limit of 4GB and we have hit that limit. I have spent the last 4 days trying to purge the DB per the KB article and I simply cannot connect to the DB instance in Management Studio Express.


      Rather than go into all the details of that nightmare, I just want to detach from Express and re-attach to a full version of SQL 2005 and be done with it.


      Could someone point to a article or explain the easiest way to accomplish this for a beginner?


      Thank you so much in advance!

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          1. Attach the database to the full sql

          2. On the ePO server go to https://<servername>:8443/core/config
          If you do not use the default port (8443), substitute the console login port you configured. A specific server name can be used in the example above only if you can resolve that name in your environment.

          Under Configure Database Settings, modify the following entries, as required:
          -Database server
          -Server instance
          -Database name
          -Authentication type
          -User name
          -User password

          NOTE: If you make any changes to these entries, ensure that you click Test Connection (bottom right corner) to verify the connection to the database is successful with the new settings before continuing.


          Click Apply.
          Restart 3 ePO services.