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    Problems with McAfee

      I would like to know what is wrong with the Total Protection software.  I was running windows vista for about a week with no problems.  I started to get messages from McAfee saying that my system was not protected.  My computer files and email protection needed to be fixed.  The problems would not be fixed automatically.  I spent a lot of time on their chat and they could not fix it either.  The solution was to have an upper level tech contact me in 24 hours to try to fix the problems.  So my computer was to be at risk for another day.  That was not acceptable to me.  I had recently purchased windows 7 and was waiting until I could get an external drive to back up my data before upgrading.  So I decided since I was having the problem with McAfee that I would upgrade and reformat the hard drive.  I have been using windows 7 for a few days without any problems.  Just now McAfee updated itself and I got that same message again that my files and email were not protected and needed to be fixed.  This time however McAfee was able to fix the problems automatically.  But it really makes me leary that these problems are occurring with McAfee.  Do I switch to another security provider?  Does anyone have any suggestions?  I would really appreciate any help that anyone has to offer.




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          David, OMG!  I thought I was the only one.  I purchased and downloaded McAfee antivirus.  My prior McAfee would have expired in November 2009 but I purchased in October 2009.  I've had problems ever since including today.  The worse part was that after requesting assistance from McAfee on way too many occasions, I allowed McAfee access to my computer (which I will never do again).  After that, I received viruses and trojans.  Jee-us!!  So, I then was forced to PURCHASE McAfee's virus removal program for $89.00.  My program has continued to give me the blues.  Today seems like it is about to start all over again.  I have left out much because it is too frustrating to repeat.  I have Windows XP.  Hopefully, we can find help to what appears to be the same problem.