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    do existing Security Center 9.15 customers need to actually "download" for renewal?

      Hi Community,

      I'm unclear on the instructions for renewing my license.  Here's my situation.  I'm an existing McAfee Security Center subscriber (v. 9.15).   I purchased McAfee Total Protection 2010 renewal before my license expired today.  After purchasing, I believe screen instructions indicated that if I already owned McAfee or was renewing, I should right click on the M logo in the task bar and select "verify subscription."  I did that.  McAfee pop up told me "subscription verified."  However, the Security Center home screen never recognized my updated subscription and now tells me my subscription has expired.


      Is the second part of renewing a license to actually "download" the newly purchased product from my account?  From the online instructions, downloading only seems to be necessary if you're purchasing the product new or need to reinstall for a major upgrade.  I don't want to hit download without being certain it's the right thing to do.


      Appreciate help if someone knows what to do!  Thanks,