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    Artemis virus

      I use 3-User McAfee Internet Security operating on Windows 7 (64-bit) on a Sony Vaio Z Series laptop with Windows 7 Proefessional, and  and MS Money 2005. Around 14-Dec-09 I received the message "Microsoft Money error reporting has stopped working” on the MS Money programme. I was unable to repair it but it was not the first time I had had a problem with Money on Vista so I figured I could repair it over the next several days, and on 17-Dec-09 I upgraded to W7.




      About 18-Dec-09 I started to search about the MS Money problem on the internet and discovered various threads, including the McAfee forum, such as “McAfee says it has found a trojan (Artemis!B750F778FD59) and removed it (msofd.dll) and Money crashes. Money was working fine up until yesterday and works if I disable McAfee before opening it. I am not the only one with this issue.” I am running three separate MS Money files, which I understand are too large to send to yourselves over the internet (the largest is 24.2 MB).


      How can McAfee help me resolve this problem and get MS Money (with 10-years of records) working again?

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          Hi I rechecked the file with md5: b750f778fd59a95994fde40de81f5ef7 and found that its a clean file so you should not be receiving any error while opening this file. With regards to other files you want us to chec, all submissions must be in password-protected ZIP files (password - infected) containing 30 files or less or being less than 3MB total unpacked size.  This allows submissions to be initially analyzed by our automated systems, so they can be processed by our researchers more quickly, you cna email us to virus_research@mcafee.com. If you are able to obtain the hash file kindly email us.

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            Finally deleted MS Money, updated McAfee, and re-loaded Money. Seems to be working ok now. Thanks.