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    Epo 4.5 - Deployement issue with Virus Scan Enterprise 8.7



      I'm currently building an New Epo server to migrate our current old environnement. The new EPO Server 4.5 is working fine i do an active directory scan and i can see all my server.


      I send an agent install on 2 server to test the deployement and management everithing was fine.


      Now i have 2 managed server in my new EPO


      Server A have Virus Scan Enterprise 8.5i

      Server B no AVD


      When i create a job to install Virus Scan Entreprise 8.7 on server B notting happen, i dont even see any status for the job (Client task )

      When i create a job to update Virus Scan Entreprise 8.5 to 8.7 on server A notting happen, i dont even see any status for the job (Client task)


      Is there any place where i can see a log or job state or any solution on this ?


      Server A communication is fine i can update from my new repository. Ping from Epo console fine to, wakeup agent working fine to.


      I check the procedure on the docmuentation and i just did exactly point by point still not working.


      Thanks and regards,