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    McAfee Firewall Enterprise Control Center trial how?

      About 2 months ago I tried to sign up for a trial here http://www.securecomputing.com/webform.cfm?id=203&skey=1766&ref=skey181 3 times with various email address (just in case it was a problem) but never heard back from McAfee. I even tried to ring up the 'sales' (sounds more like for consumer products) line here in Aus and spoke to a guy that direct calls, and was told to go to the above page to sign up as there was no other way!


      Still hasn't had anyone get in contact with me (what written on the sign up page for the trial). Bit hard to give McAfee product a try when you can't even get someone to talk to you!


      Any idea how I can get myself a trial version? We don't have a account with anyone that push McAfee products.