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    McAfee Endpoint Encryption on Dell Latitude D630C series laptops

      Attempting to encrypt Dell Latitude D630C Laptops with McAfee Endpoint Encryption. OS: WinXP SP3 Patched BIOS Version A10, reset to factory defaults. Agents are as follows: ePO Agent 4.5, Scan Engine 8.5, Anti-Spyware 8.5 and Encryption Module 6.0. Encryption agents and software load fine, encryption process completes fine. Upon reboot, machine passes BIOS screen and sits on blank screen. Brief wording in white DOS characters about McAfee flash by and screen goes blank and never loads OS. Attempted complete process on a machine with our master image, also attempted load on out of box hard drive for a different model laptop. Tested again with "bare" load of Win XP SP3. Still not loading past BIOS. Any help would be appreciated!

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