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    Source IP

      Total Protection 2010 (Windows XP SP3, DSL Modem, AOL 9.5)


      Beginning from 01/03/2010 Log Viewer started to show under Source IP or (Verizon DNS Server).

      Log Viewer did not to show under Source IP or before 01/03/2010.

      Any ideas?



      (Control Panel/Network Connections/LAN or High-Speed Internet/Properties/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)/Properties/

      Obtain IP address Automatically;

      Use Following DNS Server Addresses

      Preferred DNS server

      Alternate DNS serrver

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          Hi mishas,


          Can you provide some more information on this like;

          Do we use a wireless router for the computer ?

          Any recent changes made for the computer ?

          Was the system connected with any public networks on/after the mentioned date ?









          Dinesh K