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    Active machines now showing as No Agent

      Hi guys,


      I need some help.  We are running ePO 3.6.1, Agent 4.0, and VirusScan 8.5.  All was well last week, came in after the new year, and almost all of the machines are gone from the ePO.  Don't know how or why, just gone.  Talking about 1400 clients.  Go to Rogue System Detection, sees all the machines that were there now showing up as no agent.  All the workstations still have their agent and VS and seem to be updating from the ePO.

      I set the Rogue System to resend the agent and add to the tree, a few machines have checked back in.  Under 100.

      I don't know what info you guys need to diagnose this, but any help is appreciated.



      Ash Hampshrie

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