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    do i need to activate mcafee every day

      i have purchased a internet security 2010(3 user cd) in the last week of december . having installed it  i activated it (completing whole procedure).however immediately after that it asked me to activate again. i went through half the procedure before i realised that this would probably use up another user out of the 3 leaving me with 1 idle user instead of 2!!

      mc afee security centre says that my computer is not protected even though it is updating . isnt this a sign of activation, this updating bit?/

      also security run says i need to renew subscription within 7 days!!!

      what is your advice on this strange predicament ??

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          McAfee Security software uses automated updates to keep the application and resource files up to date so that it detects and removes any threats from your computer and this is not related to activation.

          To activate your product please follow the below steps:


          1. Check whether the system clock is set right .

          2. Right click on the M icon on the system tray and click product setup

          3. continue with the prompts , to complete registration










          Dinesh K

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            ok, thanks for clearing my doubts.

            however, when i installed mcafee on my pc, i already activated it. (I hope i did that when i entered my product key and also my details for mcafee.com registration.)

            now, i did try to activate again, and entered my key and all, but then at 'step 2' it told me to login and not register which means that i have already been registered, right? (hopefully, activated also?) also, a note above told me to login every time i install on a new computer, which is certainly not what i am aiming to achieve over here.

            I can also access my account at mcafee online.

            I do not want to use two 'users' for this computer since i have 2 other computers at home which i want to install this on.

            Also, may i please know how i may check how many users i have left?

            And please may i know what you define by the correct time? Does it have to be GMT or will local time (mine is GMT + 5:30) also suffice?





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              1. If its already registered  and the next time you try to register it in a different machine (or the same) , you will get an option to login.

              2. The reason for setting the system clock right as peryour time zone is not to have any problems in update.

              3.To know more on your subscription details , you could contact mcafee chat from Useful Links at the top of this page.








              Dinesh K