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    What to do after a quarantine?

      Hello Everyone:


      I had a pretty nasty malware attack which required me to remove the drive from the computer and hook it up as a slave drive to another computer.  Using the new master drive I was able to run a viral check on the infected slave drive, and I came up with the following results:


      Adware-GameSpyArcade (PUP)

      generic!bg.eyk (Trojan)

      Generic.dx (Trojan)


      McAfee lists these as relatively low threat, but they were still a major pain in the butt to deal with.


      McAfee offered the opportunity to remove GameSpyArcade, which I did, and I hope it is gone for good.  The two trojans, however, it did not offer to remove; it only offered to quarantine them, which I did.


      The slave drive does not have McAfee installed on it yet.  I intend to install McAfee after I put the slave drive back in it's main machine (as the master drive) because I couldnt get any antiviral protection into it after the attack.


      Before putting the slave drive back into the original machine (still without antiviral protection) I want to make sure everything is completely clean and removed, so I need to get the quarantined trojans out of the system completely.


      Can anyone show me how to get the quarantined files removed please?


      Thank you!