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    EEPC V6.0 Performance Issue


      Since i have EEPC V6.0 in my Laptop i have performance and freeze issues, by example when i try to send an email, browse internet, saving a file the app apper like "Not Responding" in the Title bar of the window, also when i try to save in a mapped drive with a long path appear a error "the file .... can´t be saved, check the spelling or try later", i have in my PC all the TDA and TEN Suite: Vscan+Aspyware 8.7, HIPS 7.0, SiteAdvisor 3.0, DLP 3.0, EEPC 6.0, MA 4.5. In McAfee Gold Support Told me it was a problem installing all McAfee Products, but i think every product protect a different vector of attack/risk and is necessary all thats products.