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    help with virusscan 13.15.113

      i am having trouble with this since about 28th or so. virtual technician was no help but did offer a report. anybody have any ideas? thanks

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          Also need help.  VirusScan 13.15.113 Scan failed error 2147467259.  Last time it worked was the 12.29.09  Ran virtual technician and it could not fix, stated service not running Session ID 23168890.  Have not downloaded, installed or changed anything on my computer.  Have duplicate computer with McAfee in other room that is working fine.  Can't figure it out.  Used one of the replys using MS hotfixes and that just confused me more.  Sniper 1

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            hey sniper

            found my problem. i went to mcafee site and used their software removal tool. then reinstalled security suite, at first it didnt fix it...but then when it updated itself the problem was solved. windows uninstall was no help..also dont let the auto deleter built into  virusscan do the removal for you. you must use the seperate software removal tool from mcaffee. hope this helps.it fixed my problem.

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              Hi Sniper 1,


              Could you please provide the following information;

              1. What is the version of you internet explorer?

              To find out - (Click help - click about internet explorer)

              2.The version of virus scan  DAT version , engine version ?

              3 Also check whether there exists any other security software remnant in C:/program files and common files.







              Dinesh K