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    Upgrade from EPO to 4.5

      We are running McAfee EPO (VSE v8) and I've been asked to look into upgrading to version 4.5


      I believe we would need to upgrade SQL Server to at least 2005, but other than this, is it a fairly straightforward upgrade?
      Specifically - once the server is updated, can the latest workstation client be installed onto all clients as an upgrade, or will we need to remove it from them before deploying the latest one?


      From the bits & pieces I've read, it seems that a parallel install of EPO 4.5 would be the most hassle-free option, but the biggest issue is how the client software can be updated.


      Thanks (never had experience of EPO & this is the second day on the job, so I may not have included vital information!)

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          We did a parallel install of v4.5--instead of a step-by-step upgrade from v3.5.  If you run parallel, and do not upgrade the v3.6 ePO, one of the hassles you may encounter is moving policies.  (Unless someone knows of an easy way to do it, I reconfigured mine manually.)  Deployment of the agent and VSE wasn't too bad.  Some of our agent deploys were done from the ePO server, some using a batch file, and some using SCCM.  I then automatically sorted them into groups using tags and had a task to deploy VSE v8.7.  If I could go back, the only thing I'd change would be:  I would deploy my SuperAgent distributed repositories first.  This most likely would have reduced a lot of network traffic for the upgrade of VSE on clients--especially at remote sites.  As they say, "Hind sight is 20/20."

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            Indeed you need to upgrade because EPO 3.6.x is EOL and no longer supported. Unfortunately if you are running VSE 8.0 that version of VSE is not supported in EPO 4.5 so you will need to upgrade to VSE 8.5 or higher first. See KB66145 for a list of products unsupported by EPO 4.5:



            See KB50677 for instructions on upgrading from VSE 8.0 to 8.5 using EPO 3.X (instructions are similar for VSE 8.7 just different file versions):



            You cannot upgrade from EPO 3.6.0 directly to EPO 4.5. Your upgrade path would look like this: EPO 3.6.0 -> EPO 3.6.1 -> EPO 3.6.1 patch 4 -> EPO 4.5.


            KB57278 gives instructions on upgrading from EPO 3.6.0 to EPO 3.6.1 (similar instructions for installing EPO 3.6.1 patch 4):



            You will want to review the EPO 4.5 install guide for instructions on upgrading from EPO 3.6.1 to EPO 4.5:



            You can certianly stand up an EPO 4.5 server in parallel. Your policies will be an issue because VSE 8.7i is not supported on EPO 3.6.0. To retain your existing policies you would have to do this:

            1. Upgrade to EPO 3.6.1
            2. Migrate your VSE policies from VSE 8.0 - VSE 8.5 or 8.7. See the readme inside the VSE install package for instructions on this
            3. Export your VSE policies on your EPO 3.6.1 server (you do this in the policy catalog)
            4. Import the VSE policies on your EPO 4.5 server


            The above instructions will migrate the policies to the new server but they will not migrate the policy assignments so you will have to manually re-assign all the policies. After you get the policies setup on the new EPO server you will have to re-push your agents to get them communicating with then new server.


            I hope that helps. I'm sure I missed some details so be sure to post another question or call into support if you run into any issues.

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              Thank you both, those replies were excellent.

              I've passed on all the information so a decision can be made as to how to proceed.

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                Hi, as well as upgrading the server as already discussed, there is a neat tool provided that upgrades the VirusScan policies from one version to the next.  So if you are currently using VSE 8.5, and moving to VSE 8.7, rather than manually create all the new policies, have a look inside the VirusScan zip file.  Here you will find a tool called ePOPolicyMigration.exe.  Run this on the epo server, and it will create a new set of policies.  There is no interface to the tool, and you only get one go. The readme details some switches that are avalable as well.  If you do want an output, you can pipe the output to a text file.  This will then confirm if the tool has run correctly.


                If you are going from VSE 8.0 to VSE 8.5 or VSE 8.7, check the access protection policies as these do not quite map over.  Any customisation you have done could be missed.

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                  Well after 2 months we now have a license for ePO 4.5


                  Unfortunately, a link in the chain is missing! We have no ePO 3.6.1

                  The existing grant number we had gives the 3.6.1 Patch 4, but no download option for the base installation. Would Patch 4 include the base installation also, or are we pretty much SOL?

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                    The Patch 4 package does not contain the base install, I'm afraid.

                    Please open a case with support - as you're attempting to get to a supported state I think there should be no problem in providing you with the 3.6.1 base install set


                    Regards -



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                      Thanks for your help


                      Alas, I have been trying to open an SR, but get the following error:

                      Cannot find entry '3.6' in the bounded picklist for the field 'MFE PP Version' in integration component 'Service Request'(SBL-EAI-04401)


                      This references the version of ePO that I am including in the SR. Not exactly a helpful message, and altering its value just seems to alter the value in the error message!!


                      Gotta love a 'help' form that generates unhelpful error messages ...

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                        I ended up submitting it as a VSE SR, hopefully it will find its way to the right place!

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                          Heh. I'm sure it'll get to us in the end


                          Regards -



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