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    Looking for scripted updation of commanline- virus scan utility scan.exe

      I am trying to setup an automation which will periodically download and update a release area  (which will be used to run commanline based scans for a set of directories to be dleivered to external world).


      I have the Virus Scan version as below. I looked in some forums and fould that te ideal place to download the DATs is ftp://ftp.nai.com/pub/antivirus/datfiles/4.x/dat-*.zip

      I need some confirmations:

      1> Is this the correct/reliable location ?

      2> Which files should be downloaded and extracted? Whats the diffwerence between scm-5851.zip and dat-5851.zip ?

      3> What should be the best methode to update the release area? Presently I just over write the contents of the dat-xxxx.zip file...


      Your comments wil help a ton.


      >scan.exe /ver
      McAfee VirusScan for Win32 v5.30.0
      Copyright (c) 1992-2008 McAfee, Inc. All rights reserved.
      (408) 988-3832  LICENSED COPY - Jun 16 2008


      Scan engine v5.3.00 for Win32.
      Virus data file v5851 created Jan 04 2010
      Scanning for 588054 viruses, trojans and variants.