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    How come I'm getting emails for threads I haven't posted in?

      I registered and posted because I got an unprotected notice which concerned me. It apparently was because it had just updated and hadn't updated that it really was protected.


      But I'm confused. I must have clicked something I shouldn't have since I am getting notifications for threads I have never posted in and have no interest in. I'm used to receiving email notifications just for threads I have either started or posted to and all this is really overwhelming me. Particularly since I now have a Windows mobile phone that receives all my emails. I have participated in Dell user forums and Brighthand and maybe some others.  I am a "mature" user and not up on all the latest techies stuff.  (Still learning all the stuff on my phone, LOL.) Oh and I have ADHD as well.


      I'm just getting overwhelmed and not sure how to stop all of this excess.


      I have not been using McAfee for very long--maybe a month if that. I got it free from my isp. I have also noticed that since it has been installed that my computer and especially internet is noticeably slower than it used to be. Annoyingly slow.  My previous internet security did not slow things down, but I changed because the anti-virus program subscription had expired and I was using freeware that seemed more for techie types.


      But I don't like to have to wait for McAfee to do its thing before web pages load.


      5 yr old Dell Inspiron 5160 laptop, Firefox 3.5.5, Eudora 7, etc. 1 GB RAM. cox cable internet, but their slowest high speed.

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          Peter M

          Maybe you accidentally clicked on a subscribe button for an entire community, as you are automatically subscribed to any thread you post.


          Click your user name and then the Email Notifications tab.  It takes a while to load but you should be able to see what you are subscribed to there.

          You can then unsubscribe using the little box at the end of each line and the selection box at the bottom.


          From what I can see from here you are subscribed to 1 Community and 3 threads.


          That 1 community subscription could be the culprit as you would get an email for every post made there.


          If you want I can delete all of them but that would mean no replies to any threads at all.





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            Peter M

            I forgot to add that there are instructions on how to unsubsctibe on every email notification you receive.


            To unsubscribe from this thread, follow the link and click 'Stop email notifications' on the right. You can also manage your email subscriptions from your Profile page on the 'Email Notifications' tab.
            If you have subscribed to email notifications at the group or community level, you can stop email notifications by going to the main page and clicking, 'Stop email notifications'.
            To reply to this message visit the message page: http://............



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              Thanks. Still getting the hang of things and hadn't quite figured it all out. I went and I think I took care of it so that I'm only subscribed to a couple of things. I guess I subscribed to the community by mistake.  I think I registered right as I was trying to get ready for a trip when I didn't really want to deal with the computer but was bothered by the error message.  I have ADHD and sometimes, especially when I'm tired and with a lot going on, I can get overwhelmed and overlook some of these little details in the mass of other details.


              I had the opposite on the Dell forums which they had changed the last time I posted there. For some reason I wasn't even getting emails about the thread I had started. It was probably something similar that I accidentally clicked something or didn't click something but I looked and couldn't find anything there to select to receive emails. i probably looked in the wrong place.


              Lots going on right now and even more then as I was also trying to learn how to use my new Windows mobile phone which was a big step from my very basic phone and a separate Palm Tungsten E2.  I'm still working on that. Its a cool phone but as I expected, quite a learning curve.


              So thanks again for pointing me in the right direction which I had missed before!

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                Peter M

                You're welcome and good luck.