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    Security Center does not fix issues


         Almost every time I turn on my computer, a icon is in the lower right hand tray informing me that my computer is not protected. I open the security center and click "fix", but it is never fixed! This is always in the areas of "computer and files" and "e-mail and IM". It informs me that action is requred, but the component that is supposed to fix these areas does not do the job.

         I do not want my safety on my computer to be compromised, so if I cannot get these items fixed, I'm going back to AVG Free-I never had problems with their computer protection and am getting tired of nothing getting fixed vwith McAfee.



         Pam Smith

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          Hi Pam,


          Sorry for the incovenience caused, to resolve your issue could you please provide the following information;


          What is the error message displayed underneath the fix button, (if possible attach a pic of it)
          At present do we have any other security software installed in the computer?

          What type of internet connection we use for the comptuer?








          Dinesh K