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    Anyone manage to customize queries?


      I see you can export/import queries.   Anyone manage to customize an exported query and re-import to do what they need?


      What I want is to modify a unmanaged report by adding "TOP #" to the selection and end out the expression with "NEW()"

      Basically to only return # (specificied number) of new() (random) results from the query.


      Having to re-push to about 6 or so thousand clients, I don't want to flood networks so I've been manually targeting random groups of clients- I have to do what I have to but this is way too expensive a thing time wise.  If I can accomplish this and then just have a task tied to the report run every 30 minutes hour- i would be a pretty happy guy.

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          This isn't going to be possible, unfortunately


          The query engine in ePO 4.x doesn't support all of the SQL commands that are available. Additionally (as you've probably noticed) the export / import side of the query engine doesn't just use the raw SQL query - it has its own format which allows it to include things like chart type and so on.

          These two combined mean that even if the query engine was capable of using the additional commands, the import function still wouldn't know what to do with them.




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            I found that out yesterday toying with an exported query,  I managed to figure out how to add some stuff but not all that I need.   I'll go post something in a feature request thread/section if there is one- I think something with like this would be a good thing for a lot of folks.



            Thanks Joe.

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              Definitely put in stuff like TOP as an FMR - I think it's already been entered, but the more folks that want it the better