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    Can't open Security Centre

      When I click on the icon all I get is a flash of the security centre and then it disappears.  If I go to other ways to access the software the same thing happens.  However if I go to scan a document, folder or system it says a scan is being carried out and then it is completed with zero results.  I have noticed this problem since yesterday afternoon when I got a series of Trojan messages whilst on the internet.  However nothing else seems to be affected.  As I have only had this computer less than 10 days I do not know whether or not the failure to open McAfee security centre is usual, a problem with Windows 7,  or is something in the settings. How do I change the settings if this is the case.  If it is a virus I have picked up - how can I find it when this seems to be the only symptom ( CPU usage is usual - there are no apparently rogue entries in the registry!)  Thanks......

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          Hi smwelford,


          Could you please provide some additional information like,

          Do you have any other security software installed in the computer ?

          Run mcafee virutal technician from http://mvt.mcafee.com and post me with the session id so that I could review the installed files.





          Dinesh K

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            I have no other virus software on the system - it is a new Dell laptop.  I have run the virtual technician software a couple of times with no problem identified.  However I have just run it and one problem was identified.  The session id was 23123901 and this updated the dat.....?...    The problem with being able to open the programme remains.



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              Press and hold the windows key and tap the letter 'R' ; In the run prompt– type services.msc, In the services local window, check whether all Mcafee services are started and automatic , if not double click on the particular Mcafee service and change the start up type to be automatic ,
              Click recovery tab at the top and change all three failures to “restart the service”.
              Click Ok


              Close all the programs and restart the computer and then try to open security center.

              Kindly report back if you have any issues on the same.






              Dinesh K



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                Hi Dinz,

                I did all that and changed several manual elements to automatic within the McAfee services.  However when I restarted the computer and tried again the security centre still wouldn't open.  I then looked at the services again and the McAfee System Guards had reverted to manual.  I reset this as per your instructions and restarted the computer again.  The security centre again wouldn't open. I then looked at the service again and again it has reset to manual.


                Any suggestions for what next??  thanks for your help so far..

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                  Hi smwelford,


                  Probably the installation dint go on completely,please follow the below prompts;

                  Download the removal tool from: http://download.mcafee.com/products/licensed/cust_support_patches/MCPR.exe and restart the computer.

                  re-downlaod the products again from your account in the website.





                  Dinesh K

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                    Thanks I'll give that a go....  and hope that this will solve the problem.



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                      Have reloaded and it now works properly - thanks for your help.

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                        Glad that you are ok now, , Do report back if you have any other issues.






                        Thanks & Regards,
                        Dinesh K
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