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    Event filter/deletion issue?

      I was just going through the event logs on my ePO 4.5 console.  I applied a filter to the event list to key on one event ID.  I determined that I didn't care to see that particular event ID, so I checked the "check all" box in the corner then chose action - delete.  The log properly deleted all of that event ID.  I then repeated the process with another event ID.  After the second time, when I removed the filter and went to view my remaining events... there weren't any.  It had completely whiped out all of my events.  Fortunately/unfortunately this product produces almost no events on a normal basis that are worth anything, but I was hoping to clean-up the clutter so that I could be left with the 5% that have any value.


      Has anyone seen this type of behavior before?  I would hate to have to resume cleaning up my event database using SQL commands (as I was relegated to with ePO 3.6.x).