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    Severe performance problem upon upgrade to McAfee Total Protection 2010

      I am having a severe performance problem when I try to load either Firefox or IE7 and was wondering if anyone can provide some HELP – perhaps having had a similar problem.  It started as soon as I upgraded to McAfee Total Protection 2010.


      The facts follow…

      System:             A Dell Latitude D400 running Windows XP Pro with 512MB RAM

      First Occurrence:          Immediately after I upgraded to McAfee Total Protection 2010

      What Happens:             Upon trying to load Firefox or IE7 our Dell D400 just waits & waits & waits etc……

      -       No disk activity shows

      -       Task Manager shows no looping (System Idle Process = 95-97 % )

      -       EVENTUALLY (after waiting from 10 -15 minutes & sometimes more) the screen display becomes complete.

      -       Other applications refresh the screen quickly

      -       E-mail downloads mail at a normal speed ( i.e. same as prior to this problem)

      -       If any link needing browser action is clicked on in the e-mail, the wait, wait, wait behavior is exhibited.  It is so bad that we cannot function reasonably where Firefox or IE7 is required to open a page.


      Additional Points:

      -       Occasionally when the ‘wait’ing is happening, if you grab a window by it’s title bar and move the window, it leaves a solid trail of the outline of that window.  This seems to imply that the video refresh is waiting for whatever the browser is waiting for.

      -       NOTE:  Windows XP provides a ‘System Summary’.  When I looked under System Summary > Software Environment > Windows Error Reporting, I noticed 2 different Error Types 

      o   1) Application Hang with the Detail ‘Fault Bucket’ with Detail (1545157916.
&#x000a)   and

      o   2) Application Hang with the Detail ‘Hanging application firefox.exe (or iexplore.exe) version ….,  hang module hungapp version, hang address 0x00000000.


      Actions Taken:

      -       Defragged entire Hard Drive

      -       Uninstalled and reinstalled McAfee Total Protection, Firefox and Internet Explorer 7 two times. (Still no improvement in the speed of displaying Browser screens).

      -       Other apps (Word, Outlook etc) display pages very responsively.

      Observations / Theories:

      -       iexplorer.exe and firefox.exe both seem to be just hanging with no good reason.

      -       Would rebuilding pagefile help (how does one do this)?


      Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.