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    Internet Security 2010 Virus


      Does anyone know if McAfee will have signatures out to defeat the "Internet Security 2010" virus?  This is a pretty nasty virus (maybe it's a worm) that manages to make a registry change without a prompt popping up from McAfee AV.  Once it infects, it won't let the user start a command prompt to use regedit, nor will it allow the user to run Task Manager to look for rogue processes.  I have cleaned it from my PC twice now, using free tools at bleepingcomputer.com, but it takes over an hour to scan and clean.  Even then, going in and manually deleting some registry keys is necessary.



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          If you have an infected file, please sent it to "virus_research [at] avertlabs.com" in zip format with is encrypted with password infected. Mcafee anti-virus team will respond to you with a dat file which is detect and clean your virus. (provided it a an infected file). They are good. Normal response time would be 4-6 hours on working days.

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            Despite keeping my anti-virus software up to date, I've just been hit by this as well.


            Why have McAfee not done anything to protect us from it?

            And what can I do to remove it?

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              Hi guys. I have a problem!

              I was working on my PC and suddenly outlook popped open 3 times, windows calendar as well. Then working with "word and power point" the machine types alone random webpages adressess, also erases slides or entire paraghraps from the programs.

              I updated Mcfee (it was expired) and according to it I'm protected, I called tech support and they want me to pay another $89 (online fixation) , they take aover my computer and they look for the virus.

              Any suggestions? How can I identify the virus and get rid of it?