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    Computer & Files and Email & IM Disable

      It's been couple hours since I've seen it, but here it what it has been doing the last couple days.


      I would get a notification saying the I'm not protected and each time McAfee icon would have a red x over it. Both "Computer & Files" and "Email & IM" have been disable and each time I clicked fix, it would temporary fix it. In the past hour I ran the virtual tech and it found that I had two problems. I clicked fix and it would fix one of the two. I rescanned it and it came up with the same two problems again and again fixed the one of the two, or supposedly fixed it. I have unistalled McAfee, used MCPR.exe afterwards, and reinstalled it, but hasn't made a different. The only software that I have that McAfee.com doesn't recommend me having is Spybot. I have had McAfee for multiple months now and neither of them have conflicted with each other.


      Thank you.


      Process | 1process(s) incorrect

      Expected process not running

      Expected : running

      Existing : not running

      c:\program files\mcafee\virusscan\McShield.exe

      Service | 1 service(s) incorrect

      Expected Service State Incorrect

      Expected : running

      Existing : stopped

      McShield C:\PROGA~1\McAfee\VIRUSS~1\mcshield.exe

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          Hi zmv828,


          Running any other antivirus software along with McAfee is not recommended as they would certainly have conflicts at any point of time. Uninstall the other antivirus software from add/remove programs or its file and folders in C:/program files and common files.

          Then update mcafee , the updates should install fine without any issues. Kindly report back with the error underneath the Fix button; if you have any issues.





          Dinesh K

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            By looking at the data shared with you in my first post, do you have any reasonable ideas why "Computer & Files" and "Email & IM" is being disable? I know I am not the first to have this experience so I would presume that McAfee team would have solutions for similar cases. Spybot is completely remove and is not the cause of McAfee software symptoms.


            Thank you for the timely respone.



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              I forgot to share with you that the virtual technician is displaying the same errors.


              Thank you.

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                Computer & files and Email & im could be disabled due to several reasons, some of them are update problem , services disabled . . etc , So the next time the error occurs , post me with the message under the fix button as previously stated so that I could provide more information to you.

                Please provide me the session id of the virtual technician in your next post , that would be of help to review the reports.





                Dinesh K

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                  Sorry about that, here is what is under the fix button.


                  Real-time scanning is disabled.

                  Spyware and potentially unwanted program scanning is disabled.

                  IM scanning is disabled.

                  Script Scanning is disabled.

                  Buffer overflow protection is disabled.


                  This most recent one happened immeadiately after a VirusScan update. I think that was the first time it has happened right after an update, if that has an level of importance.


                  Thank you.

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                    Last session ID: 23130860

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                      Hi zwv828,


                      Thanks a lot for the sesion id,Let me inform you more on this; This issue could happen in two scenarios;

                      1. Updates might have not installed completely

                      2. Due to any malware in the computer.


                      Please try the following steps:

                      Check and delete if you have any other antivirus software installed in add/remove programs and C:/program files and common files.
                      Click start – run then type services.msc, In the window that opens up check whether the start up type for all the McAfee programs are in started and automatic. If not click on the particular service and change it to automatic .
                      Click on the recovery tab (at the top) and select all three failures to be restart the service
                      Click on OK ; c
                      lose all open programs and restart the computer .

                      open security center and click updates and check the status.



                      Dinesh K

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                        IMO you guys have a virus here.  I am a Visual Studio application designer.  I have seen this issue on XP, XP Pro and Vista.  On my Vista machine it has been disabling both of these multiple times while the computer is powered up and I am working on it.  I get a pop up from McAfee telling me I need to fix the problem.  I have seen this several months and it just keeps happening.