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    More problems with mcafee

      HI, Happy New Years To all.I am still haveing some problems with mcafee.when i start up ny comp. the last few days,My e-mail section has been yellow.I never had this before.I also have my name under the parental group 4 my computer.I dont believe i am restricted in any way but not sure.Lastly under permissions i have about 11 mcafee icons 1 of which is  an icon of a computer all others are the M.Full access for all? I did click on a few to go to the hackerwatch library but 2 of them were a yellow page with weird  writeing (computer lingo)on the page.I was worried that something may have access that should not.Also 1 of the items on hackerwatch(the file name)  was listed in spanish? Please help if you can.I have about 7 unanswered questions on here and i am worried about my protection.I have had mcafee for a few years & prefer not to use tech chat unless i have no other choice.  Thanks.( windows 7 ,mcafee security center 9.0)

      Also today when i logged on again had to fix e-mail & computer started a scheduled scan that was not scheduled.Anyone here?



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