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    missing mscoree.dll file


      I am new to this forum.

      I recently got infected by virus: Internet Security 2010, and then Personal Security Center.

      The latter looks a lot like Microsoft Security Center.

      Not sure how I became infected but I did got a warning from McAfee that a trojan had been

      blocked and removed before I noticed the program Internet Security 2010.

      I tried various things to rid my computer of these programs but all in vain.

      I ended up getting assistance from McAfee when a virus support person accessed my computer

      online. However the next day when browsing in internet explorer I suddenly had a scan occuring on my computer

      warning about a trojan attack and other malicious software (viruses). I had seen this before and closed off

      the scan thinking it was a false scan - to try and make me pay for some new virus protection.

      At one stage, after turning off my computer, I could not get inside my computer as I kept getting

      the user sign in user interface, and even after clicking on this button and briefly seeing the main windows screen

      I would loop back to the sign in user interface again. So after phoning Dell and McAfee I was given two options.

      One: reload all my software or try and repair using my system disk. I tried to repair and somehow, even though I was given

      info otherwise, got back into my computer without losing everything. However i the computer is not running as once it was.

      I can't access the manage add ons feature, can't set internet explorer options after downloading internet explorer 7, and I can't

      seem to download some important Microsoft updates. I keep getting this warning:

      I was given advice to remove all my Microsoft .NET Framework programs and then reinstall them. However I can't install

      then as half way through the installations they are unable to be completed.

      Now I am usure as to exactly what Microsoft .NET Framework programs I need: I am running on Windows 2000 XP

      Media Edition.


      I am now thinking of backing up the things I want to save and then reinstalling everything again as I am becoming frustrated

      with these issues/problems and maybe it would save me time in the end to just reinstall and not try to fix all these things.


      Any help with these issues would be very much appreciated!


      Thanks! underow






      The procedure entry point Get RequestedRuntimeInfo could not be located in the dynamic link library mscoree.dll

      And other download falures:

      Microsoft .NET Framework 1.0 Service Pack 3 Security Update for Windows XP Tablet PC and Media Center (KB953295)

      and Windows XP Service Pack 3 (KB936929) would not download properly.