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    Why does McAfee cause FireFox browsers to crash?

      I have an HP Pavilion PC with a 64 bit Windows Vista system. Owing to the nature of my PC usage I MUST run with ALL firewalls down and ALL popups allowed.


      In addition I MUST use Adobe addon like Flash and Reader, AIR and Shockwave as well as Action X. I MUST also use FireFox browsers for these activities.


      What I want to know is this- why does McAfee keep allowing my FireFox browsers to crash- constantly? No matter how often I upgrade FF McAfee ALWAYS


      screws it up and crashes! As you may already know FireFox is staffed by a bunch of lunatics w/o intelligence so do NOT suggest asking them! I have asked and


      asked and asked again to no avail dammit! HP will not help me. FF won't or can't help me. McAfee constantly uninstalls/reinstalls itself and always fouls up


      something every single day! I have tried System Restore on the average of 25 times an hour and NOTHING works!! Is there anyone out there who knows what the Hell


      is wrong with this piece of crap? Wish I could afford a Windows 7 upgrade but I am unemployed and have to depend on surveys, web ad surfing, contests, etc. just to make a little money!


      PLEASE HELP out a poor slob nobody cares about? Please? Thanks I hope and sayonara for now- K&K- Brookhaven PA- USA