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    Please Help...I have no clue what to do


      I am using McAfee Total Protection and today it alerted me that a trojan had been detected and removed. I decided to run a scan to be sure nothing was remaining. The scan detected no other problems, however, I continue to receive alerts ( not from McAfee) that I have a trojan SPM/LX. The alert window just says warning at the top and has a red circle with an "x" in it so I don't know where it's coming from. It takes me to a purchase option for an anrivirus program. I had a live chat with a McAfee tech. who sent me a link to find free virus removal tools from McAfee. I followed the link but got real confused real FAST.  My question is..where do I start, in order to figure out what virus I have and how to remove it? Do I go to the  "Avert tools" , or the "virus removal forum" or "webimmune"  or " virus information library" ? Please help..I'm lost!