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    Identity Safe?

      Having been  a Norton 360 user for several years I have really liked the identity safe that is available to remember PW and UserID's.  Just bought a Dell with 3 years of McAfee and wonder if someone can tell me if it has a similar function.  I found the item that saves PW, but nothing like this.  Thanks.- yooper46

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          Identity Protection used in Mcafee is different from that being used in Norton. In Norton , if I am correct login details are saved based on web addresses. But in Mcafee, if you go to Indentity Protection, you would know that there are details like Your Name, address, Card Number to be transmitted through a non secure connection. Thus details are not stolen from your computer by Trojans or spyware.

          The same concept is used in the best Firewall Zone Labs.

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            thanks - I guess I will have to figure out how to use that feature.  It was handy going to a web site and not having to type in user ID and PW.  -yooper46

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              Didnt know features like this existed, will certainly check them out.  Thanks!