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    Adobe predicted to Surpass Microsoft As top Malware Target  in 2010

      Adobe Flash and Acrobat are popular standard tools and currently provide wide targets for malware developers.  It is essential to keep both of these products patched to ensure the best levels of safety.  Also users should avoids avoid any suspicious items presented to them in email or web browsing.


      Adobe predicted to Surpass Microsoft As top Malware Target
      http://www.informationweek.com/news/security/vulnerabilities/showArticle.jhtml?a rticleID=222100263


      QUOTE: Adobe Reader and Flash will surpass Microsoft Office applications as favorite targets of cybercriminals, a security vendor predicted Tuesday. In unveiling its 2010 Threat Predictions report, McAfee said the growing popularity of the Adobe products has attracted the attention of cybercriminals, who have been increasingly targeting the applications. Adobe Reader and Flash are two of the most widely deployed applications in the world.  As a result of Adobe's success in client software, McAfee Labs believes "Adobe product exploitation will likely surpass that of Microsoft Office applications in 2010."


      McAfee Threats prediction 2010
      http://www.mcafee.com/us/local_content/white_papers/7985rpt_labs_threat_predict_ 1209_v2.pdf