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    SystemSecurity possible malware popup

      I've started getting what appears to be an Internet Explorer popup that says SystemSecurity has detected viruses and is conducting a system scan.  It is next to impossible to shut down and I try to stop it from running.  It then starts what appears to be a system scan with an image similar to My Computer & scrolling files with multiple viruses being recorded.  I don't believe any of it.  I have McAfee Security Center and keep it fully updated and available.  I can't find a file named SystemSecurity.  Why isn't McAfee identifying this thing and how do I get rid of it.  I searched the Internet & found a site that says SystemSecurity is malware & I need to download their free anti-malware program to get rid of it.  I don't trust that solution either.  Can you help?


      So far, it doesn't seem to be stopping anything on my system, but it is nerve-racking.

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          Peter M

          Moved to Malware Discussion.   The removal guide for this here: http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/virus-removal/remove-system-security



          Scroll down the page as the first links you see are paid advertising.

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            Thank you for the quick response.  Are you affiliated with McAfee and can you tell me where this thing came from?

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              Peter M

              I am not affiliated with McAfee except in that I volunteer here, as my signature states, and have done for years.   Bleeping Computer is a well known authority on lots of puzzling and weird malware and fakeware.


              If you mean where did the infection come from then I have no idea.

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                Thank you for the quick response. I have one more related question.  Since it appears this malware has been bothering people for a while, and has done some horrible things to folks' computers when they've believed it, why doesn't McAfee have a way to identify and remove it?  Thank you for your patience.

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                  Peter M

                  Regular antivirus has difficulty recognizing these sort of things as they aren't really infections, but rogues.  It's up to the user to be alert and to realise that he/she doesn't even have that software installed in the first place even on a trial basis, so why does one suddenly have to purchase something?


                  Malwarebytes and those other free anti-spyware applications are geared differently so they recognize these things.   They would have problems detecting a lot of stuff that McAfee detects.


                  The web is a dangerous place and one has to be really careful.

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                    I, too, have been victim of this fraudulent software technique.  I didn't take it lightly.  There was no contact information, except an e-mail address.  I found their FAQ page and there were four questions.  Two asked what to do about overcharging (I was charged $109 for the software) and one asked what to do about multiple charging.  The fourth was "how do I take this thing off"...  Sort of says it all!


                    I wrote to the support address (support@open-davinci.com) five times and in return I received an automatic reply on how to install the software, even though I told them the software caused numerous problems to my computer, changed my desktop, etc.  I finally got adamant about reporting them to my Credit Union (God Bless them) and having them and VISA fight this for me.


                    Today I was finally able to call the Credit Union (holidays and weekends) and check my credit card account.  I was charged $109 on the day I purchased the software ($49.95 was the actual charge), but the amount was credited back in two days.  I guess my threats were taken seriously.  They still haven't confirmed that they were not charging me via e-mail, as I requested.


                    I, of course, cancelled the VISA and ordered a new one.  Even if they have given me my money back, they have my credit information and can do a  lot of damage.


                    To answer another bloggers question, my Credit Union supplied me with this information:  No phone number (surprise), the company who charged the amount was Cool-Erase.com, and the charges originated in Riga, Latvia.


                    I hope this helps someone.  It took me a week to get it all sorted out!



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                      Wow, your patience is amazing and appreciated. I hope this thread sticks around for a while so other folks can also be helped by your responses.  I think this nasty code is affecting a lot of folks.  Thank you.

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                        You have really earned that Yoda avatar!  I never allowed the "systemsecurity" (not McAfee) scan to finish.  Yet, yesterday I got a new red and white cross icon in my corner taskbar that kept popping up a message that Windows found a virus & needs to download a fix. In addition, I got a popup that stayed on top of the desktop with a similar message, asking me to select OK to download something called IDS software.


                        I downloaded Malwarebytes and it seems to have found and now removed several 'infected' files. Both the corner icon and the screen popup are gone.  Darn, I may buy the full version from the company just to say thanks.


                        Thank you, very much.



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                          Peter M



                          Glad to hear that you nipped it in the bud, so to speak.  Good luck.

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